we believe that architecture is a conversation
that exceptional design happens
through inquisitive exchange
between client and architect
building and landscape
among teams, makers, thinkers
room     table     chair
materials and light
conversation holds the power to transform
to surpass expectation
it’s the moment of moving through a doorway
over a threshold
from one space into another when
sensation memory tone
minds cultures selves
this is how we build things
that matter


LUCE et studio is a collaborative studio practicing at the intersection of architecture, art and design. The studio’s work spans multiple scales from regional masterplans to custom furniture. Commissions include projects for museums, corporate design firms, boutique hotels, civic institutions, colleges, and private residential clients. Canadian-born architect Jennifer Luce established the Studio in 1990. 

Each LUCE project speaks to the importance of collaboration, demonstrating that group efforts result in powerful, inspiring environments, in step with the individual spirit of our clients. The studio’s work is diverse in type and merges multiple design disciplines, encouraging a cross-fertilization of concepts and environments.